An innovative shift that respects the environment

Driven by a passion for our products and our insistence on quality, Appalaches Nature® unveils a new, innovative, sustainable plant in Thetford, and becomes the first certified carbon neutral maple company. 


Two families, one story

4 generations crafting one thing: 100% pure, natural products.

For the Michaud family, the adventure started in 1920, when Yves Michaud, while continuously moving his beehives over the years, developed entirely new techniques in beekeeping, and the Michaud Family Beekeepers was born! From father to son (then to grandson, with Vincent Michaud), the company grew with modern new plants and a diversification of its product line. It launched the Lune de Miel® (honeymoon) line in 1970, Maple Joe® in the 2000s and Sunny Via® in 2010.

On the Dubois side, it all started with Biodélices® in 2007 with Serge and François, two impassioned, determined cousins, who, thanks to their grandfather, father and uncle, acquired a wealth of knowledge about syrup making. They kicked off their adventure with a very clear idea in mind: offer superior quality products that would still be accessible to all consumers.

Today Appalaches Nature® is built on a partnership between two passionate families who, together, decided to build a brand new, high efficiency, sustainable plant. The idea, developed by Vincent Michaud in collaboration with Serge and François Dubois, was to operate a plant perfectly adapted to new environmental regulations, using modern technology to optimize food safety and productivity.

What brings these two families together?
Family values, respect for product quality and a commitment to sustainable development.

Appalaches Nature

A privileged relationship

with our maple producer partners

At Appalaches Nature®, we cherish working in close collaboration with our passionate producer partners, with whom we maintain exclusive business relationships. Are you a maple producer? Do you share our authentic Canadian maple producing values and the same insistence on producing quality maple syrup? Join our team!