Values & commitment

Create only the highest standards in quality

Perfect product quality is essential to establishing a relationship with consumers that’s built on trust. Food safety is a major issue, and also one of the biggest challenges of tomorrow. Our lab is equipped with some of the finest technology, which lets us generate an identity card for each syrup and also control its authenticity, its origins and its freshness. This guarantees a product that’s delicious and 100% pure and natural. Nestled in the heart of a unique terroir, Appalaches Nature works closely with its maple producers to harvest the very best maple syrups for quality as well as taste.

Uniting know-how and innovation

At Appalaches Nature, our team pays particular attention to consumer satisfaction, but also to preserving Quebecers maple producing knowledge while keeping close tabs on environmental considerations. To accomplish this, we use recycled material whenever possible and when completely safe to do so. Protecting our planet is a company priority, which explains why continuous innovation is so critical to us.

By pairing know-how, innovation and quality, we can be sure we’ll remain a company of reference when it comes to 100% natural sweetening products.

Choosing Appalaches Nature means choosing a quality natural product that respects the environment and is processed using a combination of family knowledge and the most advanced technological innovations.